Amy & Terry (Australia) [repeat guests]:

We went with Illuminating Tours, who managed to provide a more personalised travel approach in Bhutan for us, integrating the highlights we wanted to experience again, alongside new experiences. Most crucially, flexibility offered during the tour itself, maximising opportunities to experience Bhutanese hospitality, and the warmth of all personnel attached to Illuminating Tours and in their extended networks, were key to this being a great trip.

Stuart & Suzanne (Australia):

When we decided to travel to Bhutan we were keen to access the people and places without being superficial. We are not accustomed to traveling with guides. We are independently-minded travelers, and a “tour” company is not our bag. For Bhutan, though, you need a guide, and a good one.

Our guide was Namgay, and he instantly and firmly became a warm-hearted friend...There was no last-minute change of mind that he could not accommodate, no option that could not be explored, nothing that could be wondered without a considered response...Illuminating Tours were attentive yet unobtrusive, reliable yet flexible, and passionate yet personable.

Thomas (USA) [repeat guest]:

As head of Illuminating Tours, Namgay has a knack for knowing what his guests need.  He plans his trips well and is eager for insights and ideas from his clients.  We worked, back and forth through email, to develop a tour that would appeal to middle and high school students from the United States...Its not just that Namgay knows what to do, he really gets involved with the group, sharing stories and engaging each one of us...Bhutan is a magical place and Namgay and his partner Debbie really helped to bring us closer to understanding the very essence of Bhutan.

Sarah & Trina (Australia):

Despite not being the typical destination for travellers in their mid-twenties we had a blast in Bhutan and left with smiles on our faces and fresh air in our lungs. I strongly recommend Illuminating Tours if you are considering travelling to Bhutan and plan on making memories that will last you a lifetime!

Chris & John (Australia):

We went to Bhutan with some trepidation, not knowing quite what to expect...but from the moment we arrived at the airport, when Namgay and his wonderful team were there to greet us, we soon realised that he was well organised and so friendly that we would be in good hands. As our tour was primarily a photography tour, Illuminating Tours planned the itinerary to maximise every opportunity to capture good photos and give us wonderful Bhutan experiences, and he and his team went out of their way to help us in every possible way.

George (USA):

If you want a tour operator that has the knowledge, communication skills, attentiveness and conscientiousness to create a truly fantastic, bespoke itinerary in Bhutan just for you, look no further than the family-run and highly professional team at Illuminating Tours. A rare breed of business-savvy people steered by clear moral principles, they’ll put your faith back in the human race as much as Bhutan will, and for that and many other reasons I would recommend them unconditionally.