A journey is what you make of it.

Illuminating Tours is here to help you plan that journey.


You can visit Bhutan vicariously through the many beautiful photographs, websites, and books available, but there’s only one way to truly understand how special our Kingdom is: experience it first-hand. We look forward to showing you what’s beyond the mere surface, at a distinctly more local level—closer to the living heart of Bhutan. We are committed to doing so with experience, integrity, and individual attention.



Were a team and a family committed to a conscientious, sustainable way of doing business. Learn more about our company, our values, and what makes us tick.

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What we do

So how exactly can we help you plan your trip to Bhutan? Can we draft a custom itinerary for you? Book you on a flight to Bhutan? Find you a good cooking team for your trek? Help fill out your visa application? Arrange a wedding blessing?

Sure, yes, yup, absolutely. →