Amy & Terry (Australia) [repeat guests]:

We count ourselves very fortunate to have (just) travelled to Bhutan again, which has confirmed it is still the nicest place you can visit. We were a bit worried that our second visit might not live up to our memories, so we took more time in picking our tour provider this time. We went with Illuminating Tours, who managed to provide a more personalised travel approach in Bhutan for us, integrating the highlights we wanted to experience again, alongside new experiences. Most crucially, flexibility offered during the tour itself, maximising opportunities to experience Bhutanese hospitality, and the warmth of all personnel attached to Illuminating Tours and in their extended networks, were key to this being a great trip.

Thank-you Namgay, Debbie and All at Illuminating Tours, for making our second trip to Bhutan every bit as memorable and enjoyable as the first. We will see you again when we next venture to the Himalayas!