Thomas (USA) [repeat guest]:

I met Namgay in 2010 on a tour of Bhutan and was immediately struck by his careful attention to the needs of his guests. Our entire group from high school students and a few parents, 22 at the time, loved hearing his insights and stories about Bhutan. I was determined, when I visited Bhutan again, to have Namgay guide our group through Bhutan.  

As head of Illuminating Tours, Namgay has a knack for knowing what his guests need.  He plans his trips well and is eager for insights and ideas from his clients. We worked, back and forth through email, to develop a tour that would appeal to middle and high school students from the United States. From the places we stayed to the sights we saw, Namgay made each step of the trip exceptional. Its not just that Namgay knows what to do, he really gets involved with the group, sharing stories and engaging each one of us.

The other thing that Namgay does is tailor the tour to the group as we crossed Bhutan. When folks got tired or needed a break Namgay stopped the bus, and we got out and walked around, hiked, or simply relaxed at the spur of the moment. We really made this trip our own.  Certainly not a canned experience or a set bus tour!

More importantly, Namgay really made us feel like a part of the family and that was, by far, one of the most exceptional parts of our experience in Bhutan. Bhutan is a magical place and Namgay and his partner Debbie really helped to bring us closer to understanding the very essence of Bhutan.

I cannot imagine a better tour guide than Namgay. His attention to detail and concern for his guests is exceptional.