We specialize in photography tours, cultural tours, and treks, but we also have experience fashioning itineraries for student groups and special interest tours, such as birdwatching, textiles, yoga, and Buddhism. 

Photography tours

We tailor itineraries to the interests of photographers who are travelling individually. We also arrange tours for recurring photography tour groups led by at least one professional photographer who is familiar with shooting conditions in Bhutan, and has put a lot of thought into how to use his or her knowledge to add value to the experience. These tour groups are accompanied by experienced guides and drivers who are ready to give you cultural context for what you're seeing in your viewfinder, help you with your equipment, and look out for unique photo opportunities. Current tour leaders for these recurring tours include renowned Australian professional photographers Peter Eastway (publisher of Better Photography Magazine), David Oliver, and Robert van Koesveld.


cultural tours

Culture both serves as the basis for and lends richness to all of the tours we arrange. We encourage our guests to interact with local Bhutanese of all ages in natural, unscripted encounters. We try to learn about our guests’ interests to pair them with guides who will be well-suited and knowledgeable about those topics and activities. 



The typical tour allows for plenty of day hikes, but for those who really enjoy the outdoors and want experiences and views not accessible by road travel, there’s trekking. We arrange your trekking crew (such as cooks and porter ponies) and provide the majority of equipment including various tents, blankets, and water filters.