Company Profile

Illuminating Tours is owned and operated by a group of travel professionals with a combined experience of over 35 years in tourism. Whatever you are interested in, be it shaking off some urban dust with a nature-filled trek, spotting lovely birds in their habitat, photographing mask dancers performing at a colourful traditional festival, or a combination of all of these things and more, we can customize an itinerary for you and make it happen.


Our values

Illuminating Tours is a small company, but our team consists of members with a great deal of experience in the tourism industry, and who are hardworking and dedicated. We come from different backgrounds, but we all agree: a business is only truly successful if we connect with it at a personal level, and if it betters the lives of the people whom it touches, not just ourselves. We are committed to providing excellent, responsive service for our clients while respecting our environment and culture. Our focus is on maintaining a sustainable small business over the long-term and building a strong client base through superior customer service and consideration for our community, rather than chasing the short-term gratification of the highest profits possible at the expense of our visitors, guides, drivers, and the people whom we work with on a daily basis. Success can be measured by a wide range of criteria, and it varies from person to person and organisation to organisation, based largely on values. In our case, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our guests and partners in our community, not by the size and scale of profits. We’re extremely proud of this philosophy, and hope that it shows in all of our interactions with visitors and locals alike.

We work with as comfortable hotels as are available in each area of Bhutan, with a consistently high rating for customer service. This is a very dynamic industry, so we re-assess partner hotels to ensure quality, scout for new partners that can add value to our services, and hire well-trained licensed tour guides who are responsible as well as knowledgeable.