Bhutan is home to many trekking routes. The most famous among these include the Jomolhari Trek and the Snowman Trek; the latter being known as possibly the most difficult trek in the world. One of our guests planned and completed half of the Snowman Trek in 2015 with us. An impressive feat in and of itself, but at the age of 72? Proof that anything is possible. But let’s say you’re not up for 2-3 weeks straight of trekking. Not all of us mere mortals are, and even if we’d like to, we don’t all have the time or resources. Fret not, there are plenty of other options ranging in difficulty and length, and we can help you find one that's more fitting for you in combination with a cultural tour. (Treks in Bhutan involve at least one night of camping; if day hikes are more your speed, those can easily be arranged as part of any other tour planned through us.)

We provide most of the equipment necessary for our guests, including sleeping bags and tents, dining tents, shower tents, water filters, a cook team, and porter ponies. When possible, we make the effort to use eco-friendly and sustainable gear options, like Luci lights, and use trusted gravity water filters to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles on the trail. We even have a couple of backpacking packs that you can borrow, if needed. So all you really need is a trusty pair of hiking boots, and you’re on your way.